Nina Carini

Nina Carini


The infinite, of which the artist often speaks, is ubiquitous, so in the art video Constellation, which opens with a total black where a circle appears first to which others are added, whose dimensions increase. Planets appear to rotate around themselves. In reality it is a dancer, shot from above, wearing a skirt built with an iron structure to make it stiff. A thread of light is placed on the skirt, which gives life to a spiral. The dancer is intent on a pirouette, a very difficult movement that makes the movement of the body tense. It is a continuum that finds in the spiral, a line that wraps around itself, a form that makes manifest and prolongs the circular movement, which develops from the starting point.An investigation into transcendence is evident to go beyond the purely phenomenal dimension. The sound composition has an hypnotic value. Part of the sounds are recordings that the artist obtained from a research with The bio-acoustics center of the university of pavia in Italy.

Ad Infinitum
Angela Madesani


Video-sound Installation, 2019
3’, full hd, colors, composition of sea sounds and sound system

Photography, 2019
printed on fine art paper 50 x 89 cm. Frame from the Constellation (2019), work shown during the Are my eyes distracting my hearing? solo exhibition, curated by Angela Madesani, January 2019, NM Contemporary gallery, Principality of Monaco

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