Nina Carini

Nina Carini

What is that shivers in thought and what becomes horizon in feeling?
Infinity can’t fit in a frame.

8th August 2018
Half asleep, a star has fallen. (Gravity had the upper hand) I found it I glimpse the light behind water. I could save it, it resurfaces.
It’s a star inside a light blue picture, so when you look at it you don’t understand if it’s the sky or the sea anymore.
You see a light.
Or maybe it is the world that turned around and everything falls into place.
It is a matter of gravity.

11th August 2018 What is the shape of a desire? Brightness of the star, the energy it emanates. Energy is not only a scientific matter. What is the shape of a star?
Water – movement – hypnosis – eternal return

1st September 2018 Freud writes to Lou Salomè “we have to artificially blind ourselves to glimpse a torch of light in the darkness” The beyond.
Time, slow down

28th June 2019 First meeting at the INFN.
It is the story of a very little particle, invisible to the human eye. It comes from space, it’s faster than light, it passes through any material and it contains an energy that human beings are not yet able to reproduce. A group of scientists and physicians built an underwater lab, because when it touches water it releases a bright trail. So the Director Giorgio Riccobene started his story: “We are looking for a light”.

Light Echo is an unusual phenomenon observed in astronomy. Similarly to the acoustic echo, a light echo is produced when a sudden lightning, like the one produced in a nova, is reflected by interstellar matter and arrives to the observer with a certain time delay from the initial flash.
Because of their geometry, light echos can produce the illusion of speed superior to the speed of light.

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