Nina Carini

Nina Carini

Je t’aime

Je t’aime is a work made of 110 sheets, hand printed with ink and trasparina[1]. To every printed sheet a very small dose of this curious material has been added, sheet after sheet, so as the sentence Je t’aime disappears in the last one. The 110 sheets are put on a sheet of glass on which the exact same sentence has been carved into in transparency, and they are conceived to be sold separately at a symbolic price, so that in time only the sheet of glass should remain. It is a performative work.

The choice of the sentence is not casual. «I chose it because it is one of the most complex words in the human language»[2] The type of procedure recalls Roman Opalka’s 1965 ∞ pictorial research, in which paint fades as time passes, and at the beginning it isn’t possible to know where it is going to end.

Ad infinitum
Angela Madesani

Installation, 2019
110 sheets, Mulberry Paper, printed by hand with silver and black ink, Plate of glass engraved, 70×57, variable height, ph. coutresy NM Contemporary

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