Nina Carini

Nina Carini

Lingue di cielo

We focus meticulously on the invisible and do so not only by pursuing the paths of phantasmagoria but also that of luminescence. As we strive to make sense of things, to establish what comes first and what afterwards, not only do we have an information overload to manage but also the appearance of something that is there but is not. Our attention is drawn to this unreasonable condition. Every time we seek to lend shape to it and to weave our storylines around the invisible, we pause at a discrepancy – between presence and absence. Our first reference is what exists, and perhaps only partially, on the borderline of clarity. So, our efforts are steered in several phases via the interception of something that falls midway between the arcane and the luminous.

From the eternal to the precarious
Angela Madesani


Installation, unique piece, 2023
Crinoid fossils, micro-sculptures in bronze, pigment, glass discs, steel discs, variable size

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