Nina Carini

Nina Carini

Mani come rami che toccano cielo

On the one hand, this approach confirms your “stand back” approach to producing art but, on the other, it seems to reveal a protective inclination on your part.

I believe it is linked to finitude, to an awareness that we are finite beings and so determined by ageing, by the end and by death. The opportunity to continue extending the work, to insist on its transformation and to manage to work on the air means I can come as close as possible to a concept of infinity that I hold dear and tend towards. It is a case of managing to extend the work as much as possible. Those really long arms made of bronze polished to a mirror finish for Mani come rami che toccano cielo are a concrete

 expression of something I have imagined. I would like to be able to touch the sky. In one sense, they are a sign of a my transformation, of a change not only in the way I behave but also in my body. That inclination of mine which you have glimpsed is an allusion to my desire to protect subjectivity. And it is not an individual matter.

Long before an absence, it is a presence that guides..

Working on the air
Nina Carini talks to Davide Dal Sasso
Sculpture, 2023
Bronze polished to a mirror finish produced in residency at the Fonderia Artistica Battaglia in the months of January and February 2023, 377 x 12 cm (left), 380 x 12 cm (right)

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