Nina Carini

Nina Carini

Per sempre e toujours

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Per sempre, (Forever) – says the artist – is a promise that Venus makes to the Sun, as if she were saying “I will revolve around you forever”. Venus is a liar because the Sun in billions of years, or perhaps much sooner, will be so enormous and hot that it will include the planets within its orbit.” After all, Venus loves the sun and continues to circle around it, in disbelief at what will happen. The presentation of Venere Bugiarda is accompanied by a poetic action.

Nina Carini, influenced by the relationship between these two stars, wrote her first poem entitled Per sempre e toujours (Forever and Toujours) where Venus and the Sun dialogue on the question of time. Verses that float on the page seem like fragments of a love dialogue, the erotic theme is perceptible – there is a multitude behind it, a swarm that the whites – the open spaces – only accentuate.

Rischa Paterlini

Poetic action, 2022<br>
Professional spotlight 2000, aluminium stand, two speakers. Held in the private Nembrini Collection space, October 2022

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