Nina Carini

Nina Carini

Venere bugiarda 3023

What drives this choice of yours?

As well as the insufficiency of the image – although I would like to say as well as what is to all effects my criticism of it because I am constantly clashing with it – is my need to find combinations. Certainly, I can do it partially on paper, with drawing or other illustration practices. But actual success can only be achieved with an installation, i.e. by establishing relations that may be on the very margins of the possible, perhaps unimaginable, which then take shape after bowing to the constraints and possibilities posed by reality.

For example, in Venere Bugiarda 3023 I forged a relationship between the stone, glass and organic materials. Three hundred glass vases symbolise a large sun; close to it, I drew a semicircle by positioning nine alabaster orbs, on which are sculpted letters forming the adverb “forever”. The installation enabled me to highlight what, from the very first, seemed the only fixed point of the exhibition: the colour white of the flower. A colour is constantly changing in relation to the light.

Working on the air
Nina Carini talks to Davide Dal Sasso
Installation Site-specific, 2023
Nine rare white alabaster orbs sculpted with letters forming the words “PER SEMPRE”, 243 recycled clear glass vases, 520 flowers, water, variable size

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